Basic Price(Tokyo23 wards)

45min as a trial 22000yen Only in Tokyo 23 wards and basically one time for same girl
90min 37000yen
120min 52000yen
180min 72000yen
Over Night(11pm~7am) 122000yen
Extend 1H 25000yen
Discount If you take anygirl we recommend 2000yen discount.
Cancelled Penalty After you meet girl and 2Hours before your reservation time

JP yen or US dollar cash only


Transportation expense


Area B・・・+3000yen

The Metropolitan area except Tokyo23 wards/Yokohama/Kawasaki


Area C・・・+5000yen

Other area near the Tokyo.(Chiba,Saitama etc)



Taxi fee・・・Ask us

The session finish after midnight or if your place located taxi is necessary




Option price

Extra fee for Option


3Some(You and 2 of our girls)

 ・・・Basic price for each girls

3Some(You and Your female company plus our girl) 


Other options

 ・・・Please ask us